Radical Broadcasts

A screening Saturday May 5th at the Whitechapel Gallery of my 1993 film with Edward Said – The Idea of Empire – as part of a series of screenings about radical tv.

Links to the event and a piece by Stuart Jeffries in the Guardian

“And yet, TV has lost a lot in switching off its radical intellectuals. Take Said’s superb documentary, a bracing distillation of the themes of his book Culture and Imperialism. Suited, booted and staring down the camera as if the TV audience was his class at Columbia University, the intellectual begins an authored hour called The Idea of Empire, broadcast in 1993 not long after the first Gulf war. “When you read a brilliantly elegant and ironic novel, do you think of colonial slavery?” he began. “Or when you read a brooding existential narrative by Albert Camus, do you think of the atrocities of the Algerian war of independence? Or when you watch images of the Gulf war and you see the technological superiority of the the American army and air force, do you think of European Orientalists?” A beat. “I think you should.” 

Radical Broadcasts: Revolution in the Revolution





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